Global Sourcing Formula

Conqueror USA has created a five-step formula to supply our customers with the highest quality products possible. We have perfected this five-step formula with over 20 years of experience. If you have 10 minutes to speak with one of our sourcing specialists about a new or existing product, we are sure that Conqueror complete the process. We save our customers time, money, and the feeling of insecurity during the over seas manufacturing process. Conqueror USA is a full-service sourcing company. We handle everything from help with design and ideas to shipping the products to your dock. We do the work and take all the headaches of sourcing away from our customers. Check out our formula below and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Review Concept, Idea, or Product

The first step in our formula is to review your concept, idea, or existing product with your team. Once we have discussed the product in detail, we will bring in our experts to ask questions. This questioning process of your team will help us to produce the product correctly. Our experience over the years has taught us one thing, products produced in other countries are never questioned. Most sourcing companies will answer “yes” to any question. We ask questions! We research your company! We research your customer base! Conqueror USA will become a valued asset to your company from day one. Below we have a list of accomplishments we need before moving to step two.

  • What is the product that we need produced?
    • Who is the competition?
    • Who is the targeted customer?
    • What added value can we add to make this product a no brainer?
  • Spec sheets and templates.
    • We can produce spec sheets and templates if you don’t have them available.
    • Our team of experts will review all the information and have all parties sign off on a template that is approved.
  • Samples if there is something comparable in the market.
    • If we have a sample the process runs more smoothly, but if we do not have to have a sample don’t worry about it. We can still get the job done.
  • Timeline for the project.
    • We stand behind our word. We offer an interactive schedule to our customer so they can have updates whenever they want to get online and review the process. This schedule updates the customer when the materials arrive and are approved as well as when the production of the product will start and finish.
  • Basic pricing idea. We would like to know what your target price is.
    • Conqueror USA can give a basic quote at the start of the project, but pricing can change depending on what the final product is. Along the process we will always let you know if something changes.
  • What countries are options for production of the product.
    • We are currently sourcing products in five different countries.
  • What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for this product?

Product Placement

This is an important step in our process. After we discuss what countries we think would be best for the production of your product we make a decision with your team. There are a lot of factors to bring to the table when making this decision, but we will justify our position and let you make the final decision where to produce these products.

  • Different countries are better then others at producing different garments.
  • Materials are not available in every country.
  • Duty, shipping, timeline, and expectations will make this placement step crucial.


The third step is sourcing of materials and choosing the correct factory to get this job done. Our decision will be made after these questions are answered.

  • What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the project? What factories that we are partnered with that can produce the quantity needed? This goes for small orders as well as larger orders. There are millions of different factories out there.
  • Conqueror USA has partnerships with over 15 factories in 7 different industries. Our partnerships are in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico. This doesn’t stop us from sourcing other products that we are not currently producing. Our team in each country has a network of factories to get the job done.
  • During the sourcing phase we will get a quote for the customer and give the full timeline of the project.
  • We will source the materials needed for the project and give suggestions for cost savings or better product performance. We have great relationships in the sourcing community and will find the best factory to produce the raw goods needed.

Production and Inspection

Once the job is in our hands we take control. We produce the product and do full inspection. One thing that we have learned over the years of doing this is that each purchase order must be watched closely and monitored from day one until it is on a ship or plane. We don’t take chances or expect anything. Conqueror USA is on top of your product.

  • During this step the first step is to inspect all the raw materials and perform any test needed to ensure the components are correct. We will send samples to the customer for approval. We ask questions if questions are needed to be asked.
  • Next, we will have one of our team go to the factory once a week during production to do inspections. During these inspections our team will use our inspections sheet that we have produced with your company to make sure everything is progressing correctly.
  • We have interactive schedules for our customers that are updated weekly. This interactive schedule keeps our production schedule at your fingertips.
  • Once production is finished, we do a final inspection with two of Conqueror USA team members. During this inspection we do have our customers attend through Skype or another video conference. This inspection will give you the assurance your products are correct. This is the biggest downfall for most companies. This process takes time and if the product you need isn’t correct it can cost you months of time. Time will cost you money.


Conqueror USA does everything for you. After our interactive final inspection of the product with your team, we can even handle the freight. Conqueror USA has partners that can get us great rates on ocean and air freight. With the volume that we handle you do not have to worry about space on that container, because we have the space for you.

  • We are getting the best freight rates with our team. We are great at ocean freight (averaging 35 days from port to your dock). We are great at air freight (averaging 5 days from port to your dock).
  • Conqueror USA handles the duty and HTS codes. We have the experience to get products into the US, Canada, and Europe at the lowest price.
  • Once the freight has arrived we have inland freight partners that will be able to get the products to your distribution centers quickly and at a competitive cost.

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